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About Us

It’s So Easy Travel Insurance is probably unlike any other travel insurance company you've ever heard of. That might sound like a rather wild claim, but we think it's true.

The company's history is rooted not in the financial world, as you might imagine, but in our experience of working in the health sector. The company was founded by Kevin Waite. When unemployed in the mid-80's he volunteered with the Citizens' Advice Bureaux Service, and about 18 months later, he became a paid employee. Roughly a year on, he returned to the branch where he had previously been a volunteer, as a Deputy Manager. Kevin worked for various charities until 1997. From then on he worked with an insurance underwriter to provide a travel insurance policy that included cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

A few years later, It’s So Easy started providing policies for people travelling to or from virtually any country in the world.

In 2016, we then began offering a policy for people who had Already Left the UK. This was followed in January 2017 by the introduction of three new policies:

In 2019 Kevin agreed to the sale of It’s So Easy to Freedom Insurance Services Ltd who themselves were formed in 2002 and were one of the first companies to provide travel insurance policies to customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Our Address:

It's So Easy Travel Insurance
27 Old Gloucester Street

We are registered in England as It's So Easy Travel Insurance Limited, company number 3931540.


Our Insurer

Our pre-existing medical condition policies are issued on behalf of OK To Travel Ltd - Details to be confirmed.